For kicks, I'm going to do this one old-school Larry King style. So you might want to read it in his voice. Just sayin'.
Tyranny is already upon us. To defeat it, we must first learn to reject its premises. And to say so aloud.
An autopsy on police response to the Uvalde shooting makes the strongest 2A case the party of gun grabbing has ever accidentally proffered. And it’s…
To the neocon, tending to your own garden is never so exhilarating and exotic as digging through the Others' fields
Once through the looking glass, one begins to see the trees for the forest. Turns out, that's a good thing for cabbages. For kings, though? Not so much.
Leftists hope the revolution will be binge watched.
Conservative Chicken Littles will never win us the culture wars. And win them we must.
Here's visual proof. And some harsh words to go along with it.
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